Comic Con Africa Sew-a-thon 2023
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Dressed for Success at The Comic Con Africa Sew-a-thon 2023

The Comic Con Africa Sew-a-thon 2023 happened this Saturday at Stadio School of Fashion, in partnership with Brother, and saw 24 contestants take on the challenge to complete unique superhero outfit, a kimono, or both in only six hours using all the colours of Comic Con Africa’s logo.

What started as only material and thread in the morning became handcrafted anime-inspired and original heroes by four o’clock in the afternoon. Wiping the sweat from their brow and the showcasing the welcoming nature of the sewing community – the day was a spectacle that was enjoyed by all who attended with Mirique Greeff emerged victorious with her bright inspired outfit.

Comic Con Africa Sew-a-thon 2023

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After her victory lap of interviews and photos, Greeff said:

“The Sew-a-thon was super adrenaline inducing – which is exactly what we do these kind of things for. It was a lot of fun getting put in these very tight parameter, but still being able to create whatever you want. I loved pushing by brain through that mold and puzzle to figure it all out.”

Greef added:

“When I stopped fighting the constraints of the fabric and the colours, and the moment that I accepted it for what it was, the inspiration came to me – and I found a way to make it look ‘on purpose’ outside of it being a challenge. I’m really happy with how my design tells a story – it was a lot of fun! My brain loves doing that and I would love to do this professionally.”

Lungile Mbonanu placed in second, and Shakiera Thomas placed in third, with Aziwe Tobun receiving an honourable mention.

Comic Con Africa Sew-a-thon 2023

Comic Con Africa Sew-a-thon 2023

Comic Con Africa’s Event Manager, Nicol Valongo said, “We are so thrilled that the third iteration of the Sew-a-thon was so well received by the contestants. We are excited to be growing this unique offering of Comic Con – and to highlight the talent of the local fashion and cosplay industry.”

Comic Con Africa 2023 will take place at at the Johannesburg Expo Centre (Nasrec) from 22-25 September. Tickets are currently available to book but are limited. Secure your tickets on Howler.

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