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Elden Ring Dataminer Awakens the Game’s Giants Including Dragon Greyoll

An Elden Ring dataminer named Zullie The Witch has decided to awaken some of the game’s inactive giants, including the Great Jar and Elder Dragon Greyoll. The results are quite exciting, though the awakening of the latter proves to be too much for the game to actually handle before it crashes.

Zullie The Witch recently posted a video explaining their process for awakening a couple of Elden Ring‘s inactive giants, making up the largest enemies you can possibly encounter in the game. Both the Great Jar and Elder Dragon Greyoll can be found in the Northern sections of Caelid.

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The Great Jar is unmissable as the figure can be found outside a large, inaccessible colosseum area (which could be teasing DLC), while the massive dragon Greyoll can be found in Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow surrounded by smaller dragons. This particular dragon, due to its docile nature, quickly became an easy way for players to acquire almost 80,000 runes in the early game.

Depending on what you consider a dragon in a From Software game, Greyoll can technically be classified as the largest dragon that From Software has ever made. This behemoth even trumps the size of the Dragon God from Demon’s Souls.

“One tool Elden Ring uses to add enemy variety without needing new assets is creating resized versions of other NPCs,” Zullie The Witch explains. “The Great Jar and Greyoll make quite an impression for what probably wasn’t that much work on the development side of things.”

As explained by the dataminer, From Software gets around creating entirely new assets for larger enemies by simply increasing their size but keeping most of their core movesets, evidently seen in the Great Jar which just mimics the same moves of regular-sized jars. The Dragon Greyoll is coded with a similar moveset to the regular dragons, but as shown in the video, Greyoll even simply waking up causes the game to crash.

Elden Ring is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out Zullie The Witch’s video below.

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Source: Zullie The Witch

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