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Fallout 4 Next-Gen Update – Everything You Need to Know

Bethesda is rolling out the anticipated Fallout 4 update today for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. As it stands, this update will launch native versions of Fallout 4 across PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. This means you won’t be able to update your current game to this new version and you’ll need to redownload the entire package to take advantage of the new features.

The Fallout 4 next-gen update is free for all owners of the game. The update will also cover all Season Pass and DLC content so if you own those packs, you’ll be entitled to the same content on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

The biggest changes in the new Fallout 4 version is of course, the visuals. Bethesda has improved the visual fidelity of Fallout 4 with performance and quality enhancements. While details are scarce regarding how exactly this game runs now, we can likely expect higher resolutions across the board alongside the confirmed 60FPS performance.

Keep in mind that the PS4 and Xbox One version of Fallout 4 are also getting performance updates today. However, these will likely stick to polishing up visual hiccups rather than increasing the game’s performance.

The PC version of Fallout 4 will also get updated today. This will not only add new content to the game but unlock new settings for PC players to enjoy. These include widescreen and ultra-widescreen support, Creation Kit fixes and other stability improvements.

Across the board, all versions of Fallout 4 will also get added content today. This comes in the form of new cosmetics, weapons and other DLC items. All this content is free for all players regardless of the game version you purchased.

Here’s a complete rundown on what to expect in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC – What Does it Include?

PS5/Xbox Series X/S

  • Native standalone apps
  • 60FPS modes and increased resolutions
  • Quality and Performance Graphics Modes
  • Bug Fixes (PS4 and Xbox One too)


  • Widescreen and Ultra-Widescreen support
  • Creation Kit fixes
  • Quest updates and fixes
  • Stability improvements
  • Steam fixes
  • Microsoft Store fixes
  • GOG fixes

All Platforms

  • Enclave Colonel Uniform
  • Enclave Weapon Skins
  • Enclave Armor Skins
  • Tesla Cannon
  • Hellfire Power Armor
  • X-02 Power Armor
  • Heavy Incinerator
  • Makeshift Weapon Pack
    • Baseball Launcher
    • Nail Gun
    • Piggy Bank
  • Halloween Workshop
    • 38 Halloween-themed decorations

The Fallout 4 next-gen update will likely roll out later today on 25 April. The game will automatically update across PC, Xbox One and PS4 platforms. However, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S owners will have to find the application on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store to download it.

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