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Gears of War Actor Thinks We’ll Hear About Gears 6 in June

Earlier this month, reports surfaced about Gears 6 potentially being revealed this summer, possibly at the next Xbox Games Showcase that typically takes place annually around June. We now have a new lead to go on as the voice actor behind JD in the Gears of War franchise recently posted that he thinks Gears 6 will be unveiled this June.

Liam J. McIntyre, the voice actor behind JD (or James Dominic Fenix) in Gears of War 4 and Gears 5, responded to a question on Twitter/X asking if JD’s death was canon. McIntyre replied, “I have no idea. I think Gears of War will tell us this June.” It’s worth noting that McIntyre might not have any involvement in Gears 6 so we’re taking this based on his speculation. Nonetheless, he also seems pretty confident that we’ll see something in June, so who knows.

We know very little about Gears 6 other than the fact that it’s being built in Unreal Engine 5. A report from August 2023 claimed that it will be a semi-open world game that builds upon the brief sandbox section featured in Gears 5. Since the leak originates from a source that hasn’t been verified yet, we recommend taking that information with a pinch of salt until we get some confirmation from Microsoft or The Coalition.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and it’s starting to seem more likely that Gears 6 will be revealed this June. The announcement will come five years after the release of Gears 5 back in 2019, so a lot of time has passed for The Coaltion to cook up something special. The company has been relatively quiet these past few years – apparently it shelved two other projects that it had in the works back in 2023 in order to focus exclusively on Gears 6. Again, take this with a grain of salt.

We’ll hear more about the continuation of the Gears saga very soon, if the reports are to be believed.

Source: Liam J. McIntyre

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