Fallout 76 Phil Spencer Camp Nuked

Fallout 76 Player Who Nuked Phil Spencer Just Wanted a 1v1

In case you missed it, Microsoft closed multiple Bethesda studios earlier this week including Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin. This caused an uproar in the gaming community, blaming Xbox executives for mismanagement and poor leadership. The criticism extended over to the gaming world as well. Microsoft gaming boss Phil Spencer is quite active in Fallout 76, so one player decided to nuke Spencer’s camp in the game. They recently explained why they did it.

Speaking to Kotaku, user real1090jake explained why he decided to nuke Phil Spencer’s camp in Fallout 76. As it turns out, Spencer was just on the player’s hitlist as a personal endgame goal after beating the main campaign. “I’ve been planning to catch him for a while now to see if he would agree to a fight,” said the player. “Trying to take him down was just a personal goal for me after I finished the main questline.”

A Twitter/X user recently posted a screenshot of Fallout 76‘s map showing Phil Spencer’s camp had been nuked. Player real1090jake responded confirming that it was him, attaching a clip of the player walking around Spencer’s nuked camp and an image of him directly interacting with the Microsoft boss in Power Armour.

The player had impeccable timing because his goal seemed to align with the recent tragic news of Xbox executives making the decision to shut down some Bethesda studios. Other players initially suspected that Spencer’s camp was nuked directly as a result of the backlash when in reality, the player just wanted a good old 1v1. According to real1090jake, Spencer didn’t accept his challenge.

Fallout 76 exploded in popularity over the last few weeks thanks to the release of Amazon’s acclaimed Fallout TV show, bringing more players back to the Appalachian wastelands.

Source: Kotaku

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