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Fallout Games Steam Player Counts Triple After TV Show’s Release

Amazon recently released the entire first season of its live-action Fallout TV show from director and producer Jonathan Nolan to massive critical success, scoring big with both fans and critics. If you’re like me, you immediately redownloaded some Fallout games after watching the show. Turns out that thousands of people had the same idea as the Fallout games Steam player counts have tripled since the show’s release.

SteamDB recently pointed out that a number of Fallout games had seen a massive spike in players over the past few days, no doubt attributed to the arrival of the TV show. SteamDB initially revealed that Fallout games had been doubling their concurrent player counts but that number has shot up to triple the amount of players as of writing.

The game that showed the largest increase in player count was Fallout 4, which went from weekend peaks of around 24k players over the last six months to over 85k recently, essentially trippling the amount of players currently revisiting the Commonwealth (or in the case of newcomers to the games, experiencing it for the first time). Fallout 76 also saw a spike in players, jumping from a regular 13k to over 40k yesterday.

Additionally, Fallout: New Vegas also saw a rise in players from 5k to over 20k, while Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition increased from 1k to nearly 7k. If we take into account console players as well, those numbers are surely much larger. The graph below shows the massive player spikes:

Fallout Games Steam Player Counts Triple TV Show

The Fallout TV show was already renewed for a second season by Amazon before season 1 even released. In our review of season 1, we called it an expertly crafted, epic adventure that pretty much ticked all the right boxes for a fantastic video game adaptation, stating:

“The Fallout TV series accomplishes what HBO’s The Last of Us pulled off last year to equally fantastic results. Season 1 is an expertly-crafted rollercoaster that honours the source material while elevating it to a new medium. It’s clearly made with love by people intimately familiar with the Fallout lore and universe of the games, helped by Bethesda and Todd Howard’s supervision.”

Fallout is now streaming on Prime Video.

Source: SteamDB

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