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Dragon Age TV Series is a ‘Terrible Idea’ Says Franchise Creator

Hollywood is quickly rolling out several video game adaptations following the success of HBO’s The Last of Us. This past weekend, we saw the Fallout TV series make a big splash in the entertainment world. Due to the cinematic nature of developer BioWare’s games, fans believed that it was only a matter of time before Mass Effect or Dragon Age got the same treatment. However, Dragon Age‘s creator David Gaider thinks it’s a terrible idea.

Responding to a question on Twitter/X asking which video games should be adapted into a television series next, David Gaider, the creator of the Dragon Age games, responded with his own suggestions – but none of them actually include Dragon Age. Gaider said that adapting Dragon Age into a television series would be a “terrible idea”, suggesting Disco Elysium or Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden for adaptations instead.

As it turns out, Dragon Age was already adapted into a television show, albeit in animated format with Netflix’s Dragon Age: Absolution in 2022. Gaider must be referring to a larger, live-action adaptation on the level of The Last of Us or Fallout.

Gaider is no longer working at BioWare as he currently co-leads Stray Gods developer Summerfall Studios. The decision to make a Dragon Age adaptation wouldn’t be in his control in the end. Responding to a tweet, Gaider claimed that adapting fantasy video games into live-action would take away most of its magic as a game, thus turning it into a generic fantasy story. He replied:

“Yeah, you take away the interactive element and you’re left with a pretty stock standard fantasy story. It would take a pretty deep dive to distill the elements of each that make them unique and interesting. Not impossible, but it would take more than a rote adaptation.”

EA and BioWare are hard at work on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, the next entry in the gaming franchise. Previous reports claim that EA is ‘confident’ in a 2024 release window for the anticipated RPG, though we’ll simply have to wait a bit longer to see if that’s true.

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