Fallout TV Series Ending Sets Up a Surprise Location For Season 2

All episodes of the Fallout TV series are now available for streaming on Prime Video, tackling Bethesda’s best-selling post-apocalyptic video game IP. So far, the response has been largely positive and enthusiastic as fans dig into the eight-episode run of season 1. However, the first season’s ending concludes on a particularly exciting note, revealing a surprise location that will likely be the next setting for season 2.

First and foremost, there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. Turn around if you haven’t watched the final episode of the Fallout TV series yet and don’t want to be spoiled of the awesome ending, as we’ll be discussing key events that take place in the conclusion as well as where season 2 will be set.

A lot happens in episode 8 of the Fallout TV series: a big battle ensues and Vault Tech’s villainous plans are laid out that directly set up the events of the video games. However, the season ends on quite a cliffhanger. There are not one but two surprising final shots.

The first is the reveal of a Deathclaw skull. While they’re mostly absent from the first season, the final shot shows the skeletal remains of a Deathclaw, potentially teasing the radiated creatures appearing in the next season.

The last shot we see is that of the New Vegas skyline. Yes, it seems like the Fallout TV series will be jetting off to New Vegas for its second outing. It’s worth noting that this likely won’t result in a direct adaptation of the video game Fallout: New Vegas as the show actually takes place 15 years after the events of that game. If you want a more in-depth breakdown of where the show takes place in the timeline, read up about it here.

A Reddit user put together a comparison image showing the game’s skyline of New Vegas versus the one revealed in the show:

Fallout TV Series Season 2 Location Ending

Regardless, it will be interesting to visit New Vegas in season 2 and see how much has actually changed. We’re very big fans of Obsidian’s take on Fallout and can’t wait to see an iconic location in gaming history brought to life on TV.

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