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GTA 6 Trailer Meticulously Recreated in Real Life

Ever since Rockstar Games released the first record-breaking trailer for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Aurto 6, fans have cemented it as a landmark in gaming history. It spawned several attempts at parodies including a recreation in The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind. Taking things one step further, a YouTuber has now meticulously recreated the GTA 6 trailer in real life, perfectly matching the exact real-world locations, references and character interactions.

The real life trailer for GTA 6 was created by YouTuber Andrew Levitt who matched the game’s trailer practically shot-for-shot with his recreation in Miami, Florida, the location that heavily inspired Vice City. The YouTuber even went as far as matching the panning shots in the trailer. Furthermore, he cleverly re-enacted the dialogue scenes with his own actors playing the parts of Lucia, Jason and other characters.

The recreated trailer also includes references to real-world events and people that the GTA 6 trailer used. Make sure you read our article on all the real world events that inspired those GTA 6 trailer moments.

We’ve seen some great edited videos over the last few months that parodied the trailer in other games, though this is the first time that someone has gone out of their way to actually explore Miami and recreate the trailer beat-for-beat with real footage. It’s honestly beyond impressive and worth a watch (we’ve embedded the video below).

In related news, Rockstar Games issued a return to office mandate earlier this year ahead of GTA 6‘s release in 2025. The decision was met with a mixed reception from developers who felt more productivity was happening at home after Rockstar (and several other gaming companies) issued the previous mandate during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Rockstar Games employees are certainly feeling a lot of pressure to deliver too. Last month, an analyst claimed that GTA 6 would be the most important game “to ever release in the industry.”

GTA 6 launches in 2025 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Watch the real life trailer below (be warned, it’s age-restricted):

Source: Andrew Levitt

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