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Fan-Made Bloodborne Kart Gets Rebranded For Launch in May

Bloodborne Kart, a free fan-made project from Bloodborne PSX indie developer Lilith Walther, will get rebranded to Nightmare Kart ahead of its release in May. According to Walther, Sony sent her a letter demanding that she remove all Bloodborne branding from the game, delaying the project by a few months past its original 31 January date.

Bloodborne Kart will now officially launch on 31 May as Nightmare Kart, though it won’t feature characters from From Software’s action-RPG or any potential references to the game. Instead, it seems like new characters have been created for the project.

Nightmare Kart will release for free on both Steam and next month, offering 20 racers, 16 maps, a full campaign mode with boss fights and a VS battle mode. Walther jokingly says that it will be “legally distinct” too as to not get in trouble with Sony.

The short trailer posted with the announcement still has some of Bloodborne‘s DNA, including a figure at the end who is clearly based on Micolash. To bypass the copyright, Walther simply put a bird in the cage on his head. A bandaged biker also seems to be loosely inspired by both the Hunter and Father Gascoigne, though legally “distinct” enough to not obviously be referencing Bloodborne.

Sony currently owns the rights to the Bloodborne IP but despite tons of cries for a remaster, remake or sequel, PlayStation has kind of swept it to the side for some reason. This led to some awesome fan-made projects like Bloodborne PSX and Nightmare Kart, which we’re grateful for.

Source: Lilith Walther

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