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Stellar Blade Studio Working on New Cross-Platform Game

Stellar Blade developer Shift Up is already working on its next game. According to new job listings on the South Korean company’s website, it’s seeking talent for a “cross-platform next-gen project” that won’t be exclusive to PS5 like Stellar Blade.

The job listings are all we know about this mystery project from Shift Up and it might be a long wait since it’s billed as a “next-gen” game. The fact that it won’t be exclusive to PlayStation platforms is also a good sign for players on other platforms who might miss out on Stellar Blade due to its PS5 exclusivity. However, it’s hard to say how far along the new game might be in development at this stage, especially since Stellar Blade hasn’t even launched yet.

Stellar Blade launches on 26 April. Players can download a demo for the game right now on PS5 that gives them access to the opening chapters of the game as well as a boss challenge mode. We managed to play the demo before its arrival and walked away very impressed. You can read more about that right here.

The official description for Stellar Blade reads:

“Ravaged by strange, powerful creatures, Earth has been abandoned, and what is left of the decimated human race has fled to a Colony in outer space. After travelling from the Colony, 7th Airborne Squad member EVE arrives on the desolate remains of our planet with a clear-cut mission: to save humankind by reclaiming Earth from the Naytiba – the malevolent force that has devastated it. But as EVE tackles the Naytiba one-by-one, piecing together the mysteries of the past in the ruins of human civilization, she realizes that her mission is far from straightforward. In fact, almost nothing is as it seems…”

Stellar Blade launches on 26 April 2024 exclusively for PS5. Make sure you check out the South African pre-order guide as well as the various editions that you can pre-purchase right now.

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