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Fans Claim GTA 6 is in The Polishing Stages

Grand Theft Auto 6 might be closer to launch than we expect. According to a new report, Rockstar Games has entered the polishing stages of development on GTA 6 and could be released as soon as next year.

It’s worth noting that many of these claims originate from fans who are simply speculating about its progress based on data unearthed from the infamous leaked footage of GTA 6. Reliable Rockstar insider Tez pointed out that the GTA 6 leaks reference the game’s “bank release” and “beta” build. A bank release build aims to create a feature-complete game, while the beta build aims to achieve content completion. Essentially, the former would imply full UI functionality while the latter means all game functions are complete and playable.

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This led fans to speculate that GTA 6 is actually “finished” but Rockstar Games might be in the polishing and testing stages leading up to its final release. A developer responded to these claims agreeing that Rockstar might be polishing the game, preparing trailers and necessary marketing right now, guessing that we’ll see the game announced sometime this year.

However, we recommend taking all of this with a mountain of salt. These are simply fan discoveries and speculation so there’s nothing concrete here. It’s best to keep your expectations in check since the sources are from various message board and social media comments making estimated guesswork.

That said, Microsoft even made an estimated guess of its own last year and claimed that GTA 6 might release in 2024. The only real leads we have so far come from the leaked footage of the game which shows a number of features that are seemingly already implemented or in the testing phases, including being able to aim out the back window of a vehicle and police AI responding in a more organic way.

Source: Tech4Gamers

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