Fans Seem to Believe Sonic Adventure 3 is About to Be Announced
"Sonic Adventure 3 may release in 2021 to celebrate the series' 30th anniversary.

SEGA is teasing fans with a possible Sonic Adventure 3 announcement happening soon. While the game has not been confirmed at all yet, the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account posted an image with a hidden number “3” in it. Along with the hidden number was the words “Mathematically speaking, Sonic is aesthetically pleasing.”


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It gets even more cryptic. Mike Pollock, the voice actor for Eggman replied to the tweet with a Schoolhouse Rock video “3 Is A Magic Number.” As we mentioned before if SEGA was to announce a sequel to the Sonic Adventure series it would be 3.

The original game released way back in 1998 followed by a sequel in 2001. Both games were praised for their fantastic gameplay and story. If anything, the Sonic the Hedgehog series has fallen off the wagon ever since. SEGA released that strange PS3 and Xbox 360 game. We then recently had Forces which was not the best either. If we had to choose the best Sonic game in recent years it would have to be Generations.

The thought of a Sonic Adventure 3 game in development is exciting. Fans have waited a long time for a sequel to the series. Not to mention that 2021 marks the series’ 30th anniversary. SEGA announced last month that the developer had big plans to celebrate the year and an Adventure sequel would be the best way to do so.

While this is definitely something to go on until confirmed, take it with a pinch of salt.

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