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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Cloud in Drag Could Be One of The Greatest Moments in Gaming

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available worldwide which means we can share something we have waited all week for you to experience. Keep in mind, that this whole post contains some minor spoilers if you have never played the original Final Fantasy VII before including one key moment where Cloud gets dressed up in drag. If you want to experience this yourself then stay far away and do no continue reading down below.

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NOTE – Spoilers Await Down Below

Right, onto business. In the original 1997 Final Fantasy VII release, there’s a specific moment where Tifa decides to infiltrate Don Corneo’s mansion in order to get some recon about a possible Shinra operation. Cloud and Aerith realize that Tifa cannot do this alone so, in order to help her, they plan on entering the mansion too. However, getting into the Don Corneo mansion is not easy and requires you to be beautiful and dressed up in the most stylish getup you can find. It also requires that you get “approval” from someone in Wall Market.

Don Corneo is a pig and treats women like objects. He “hires” and tosses them away when he is done doing the nasty with them. Cloud and Tifa learn of this and decide to also dress up and stand a chance of getting “hired” by Don Corneo in order to save Tifa.

In the original game, this plays out a bit differently than in Final Fantasy VII Remake. In the 1997 release, Cloud and Aerith need to search Wall Market for a range of female clothing items to complete a whole outfit for Cloud to wear. In the remake, Cloud and Aerith need to both complete tasks in Wall Market for specific people in order to get their approval which will grant them entry into the mansion. However, before doing that, each of them has a specific mini-mission which they need to complete. Aerith needs to win fights in the coliseum in order to win money to buy the dress whereas Cloud needs to get Andrea, a returning character from the remake, to help him get dressed up.

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Cloud in Drag

This all results in one of the best chapters in Final Fantasy VII Remake and right before entering the mansion, Cloud embarks on a journey of self-discovery where he learns that “beauty is a true expression of the heart” at the Honey Bee Inn. With the help of Andrea at the Honey Bee Inn, Cloud dances, twirls, gets a little embarrassed and is transformed into a woman. The whole sequence is rather delightful to witness as the music is great and the modern-day approach to the original’s chapter is refreshing.

Final Fantasy VII Remake delivers Cloud in drag exceptionally well and the whole processes of getting to that point make for a great moment in the game. You also get to see Aerith looking rather gorgeous too and the entire chapter is a far step away from the rest of the game. Its breaks the pace and put a giant smile on my face.

Take a look at the full scene down below but remember, it is full of spoilers;

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