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Final Fantasy VII Remake Trilogy’s Sony Exclusivity Has Been Clarified

Final Fantasy VII Remake and Rebirth have enjoyed quite a bit of success as PlayStation exclusives, even though the former eventually shipped on PC. However, a recent article initially claimed that Sony had secured exclusivity rights to all three Remake parts including the upcoming, unannounced part 3. The original author of that article has now clarified that it’s still uncertain if the third part will be exclusive to PlayStation or if there’s hope the trilogy will land on other platforms in the future.

The original article posted by Washington Post made waves yesterday after it claimed that the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy would all be PlayStation console exclusives (of course, PC ports were also on the table). After the article gained traction online, author Gene Park quickly took to social media to clarify that he’s only talking about Remake and Rebirth and not about part 3, as that presumably hasn’t been decided yet.

Park provided an update on Twitter/X stating that it was a mistake to word a section of the article which made it appear as if the entire trilogy had been secured by Sony as PlayStation console exclusives.

Considering that 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake hasn’t appeared on other platforms apart from PC since its release almost four years ago – and with Rebirth likely following a similar pattern – it’s a good guess to assume that the entire trilogy would be locked to PlayStation consoles, though we’ll have to wait and see if plans change at Square Enix once the full trilogy is out.

In related news, if you’re playing through Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and plan to grab the Platinum trophy, be aware that it might take you a couple hundred hours to acquire.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is now available on PS5.

Source: Gene Park

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