Final Fantasy XVI Endgame Content Detailed

Final Fantasy XVI promises to have a lengthy campaign with tons of content crammed into its apparently 80 hour journey (if you’re planning on completing absolutely everything). At least some part of that completion will happen after the game’s credits roll. Square Enix has now detailed some of the endgame content you can expect to find once you beat the story, which includes New Game+ and a number of challenges.

Thanks to Game Informer, players have an idea of what the endgame for Final Fantasy XVI will look like. The biggest draw will be New Game+ but that will include an even harder difficulty called Final Fantasy Mode. This new difficulty setting will change monster placement so you’re always on your toes as they appear in different parts of the map. Additionally, all of your abilities and gear earned from your intial playthrough will be carried over to New Game+.

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Through Final Fantasy Mode, players will be able to upgrade their weapons beyond what was possible in the first playthrough. Accessories can also be upgraded for the first time in the series. That’s not all, as the Final Chronolith Trials will challenge players by pitting them against four waves of increasing difficulty, with the last wave introducing a difficult boss for players to defeat. To add to the challenge, these trials will be timed so it will be a true test of skill.

Furthermore, the Chronolith Trials will all be based on one specific Eikon (or summon), meaning you’ll be limited to using one Eikons ability throughout the trials. In the normal game, you can mix and match different abilities from all the Eikons you encountered in the game, so being restricted to using only one will certainly add a welcomed degree of challenge.

Finally, Arcade Mode will also receive a difficulty bump in New Game+’s Final Fantasy Mode, which allows players to replay stages but now with an on-screen score calculator and combat grader. Taking it up a notch is Ultimaniac Mode, a much more challenging alternative to Final Fantasy Mode. Of course, you can choose to simply ignore these challenging endgame options and just enjoy Final Fantasy XVI‘s New Game+ through the standard Story or Action modes.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on 22 June 2023 for PS5.

Source: Game Informer

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  • Nikki_boagreis 31 May 2023

    Im just happy that they thought enough to include NG+ i honestly hate Jrpg’s nowadays that don’t have a NG+ option available.

    • Marco Cocomello 31 May 2023

      Same! Glad to see there’s enough to keep you busy and a reason to do NG+ too. I feel like JRPGs basically have no end-game content to take on at all. FF has been better with that with secret bosses but even FFXV, I got the platinum trophy and never went back. Even for the DLCs. Just wasn’t enough there to pull me into the game.

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