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Firewall Ultra to Get Ultra Mode With Manual Reloads After Fan Backlash

Likely one of the most popular and successful VR games on the market is Firewall Zero Hour. The game was released on PS4 for the original PlayStation VR headset and there’s a sequel in development called Firewall Ultra for PlayStation VR2. While fans have been excited about the sequel, the most recent gameplay update from the developers at First Contact Entertainment sparked some concerns after the devs revealed an automatic reload button for guns.

If you have played Firewall Zero Hour, you would know that the game’s hardcore gameplay was built on the immersion of shooting and reloading. This meant players would have to manually reload their weapons by dropping the mag, grabbing another magazine and slotting it into the gun. Many VR games have done this and it has become the norm.

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First Contact Entertainment claimed that Firewall Ultra would not have a manual reload feature at first and instead, rely on just a simple button press. After the announcement, there was a lot of backlash from fans of the series who claimed that the manual reload feature was one of the best parts of the game.

After the Reddit community blew up with negative feedback, First Contact Entertainment CEO Hess Barber addressed the issue and confirmed an “Ultra Mode” for the game. This Ultra Mode would add all the hardcore features which fans loved about the original Firewall Zero Hour.

In a comment, Barber says that Ultra Mode in Firewall Ultra will live separately in matchmaking. If players want to experience the hardcore mode, they can matchmake with other players in the same pool. This mode enables manual reloading, friendly fire and disables aim assist.

In the public matchmaking mode, players will then have access to the “easier” difficulty with friendly fire disabled, automatic reloading and aim assist.

An “Ultra mode” is coming post-launch with manual reloads, friendly fire and no aim assist for the hardcore players. This will be a separate mode than our main public matchmaking, it is for pro players and it will not replace our current auto reload. It will live alongside it for those that prefer that way to play.

Firewall Ultra is currently in development for PlayStation VR2 and is “coming soon”. The team at First Contact Entertainment have yet to announce a release date.

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