The PS5 dev kit leaked over a year ago and marked a big day for “next-gen” consoles in 2019. It was the first glimpse of the PS5, even if it meant users raged at the idea of owning this ugly black box.

Of course, many knew that the PS5 dev kit design would not translate to the final concept and while there’s clear inspiration taken from the dev kit for the consumer version, it is worlds apart. New images have surfaced online which gives us a closer look at the dev kit. It is the first time we have seen the hardware in this detail and I have to say, it is pretty cool.


This Fully-Functional Water-Cooled PS5 is the Stuff of Dreams

The images surfaced on Twitter by wellgamer16. According to the user, this PS5 dev kit is known as DFI-D1000AA. On the front of the device, we actually see the official description for the hardware that reads “Development Kit for PlayStation 5”. Previously leaked images did not have this text on the front.

If the consumer PS5 took anything from the dev kit it is the mass use of vents throughout the console. The PS5 includes two giant strips of vents that run through the middle of the console and a mass array of vents at the back. The dev kit includes massive thruster-looking vents at the back alongside two LAN ports and a kettle power cord. Something the PS5 does not have. Instead, the console uses a figure-8 cable. The PS5 dev kit also includes five USB ports, something the retail version could have done with more of.  However, the side panels on the dev kit are just for show. They seem to just attach to the hardware with no holes or ventilation present.

I love the design of both new consoles and to be honest, the PS5 dev kit is actually quite bulky and looks like a jetpack from Duke Nukem. It is a blessing that Sony left it as a dev kit and released the flared-collar PlayStation 5 instead. This Fully-Functional Water-Cooled PS5 is the Stuff of Dreams

Source: Twitter 

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