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How to Access Deathloop DLC for Pre-Order and Deluxe Edition Content

Deathloop is finally out and if you’re someone who pre-ordered the game or purchased the Deluxe Edition then you are entitled to a handful of DLC. This DLC ranges from new outfits for Colt and Julianna to weapons that will come in handy during your daily kill sprees in Blackreef. If you are wondering how to access the Deathloop pre-order and Deluxe Edition DLC then we have you covered. Trust me, it took a while before I gained access to this content.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to the DLC in Deathloop is to just keep playing. The DLC doesn’t unlock until you reach a certain part of the game and in theory, complete the tutorial. The tutorial takes a while to complete and you might be playing the game for a good two hours before you’re done.

How to Access Deathloop DLC

You can only access the Deathloop DLC after you complete the game’s “Longest Day” chapter. This acts as the introduction to the world, characters and game systems. The Longest Day ends after you obtain the LPP in your apartment. However, the first time you go into your apartment to get the LPP it doesn’t go as planned so this doesn’t complete the chapter either.

You will also know you’re done with the chapter as it will unlock the invasion game mode called “Protect the Loop” where players can take on the role of Julianna and hunt Cole down in other games. So in short, The Longest Day is six runs long. You reset your progress three times and visit your apartment for the third time. After that, the DLC is accessible on your loadout screen. In addition, the Deathloop DLC appears in the Julianna mode too.

What Deathloop DLC is available?

Depending on your game version and whether or not you pre-ordered Deathloop will depend on the DLC you get in the game. Let us break it down.

Deathloop Pre-Order Bonuses

Available by pre-ordering the game

  • “Storm Rider” Colt Skin.
  • Royal Protector Machete (PS5 Exclusive)
  • One Trinket (Equipable Buff)

Deathloop Arkane Insider Free DLC

You can access this DLC by heading to the Bethesda site and signing up for the newsletter. After which, the DLC is added to your account.

  • Eternalist Colt Skin
  • Ever After weapon

Deathloop Deluxe Edition DLC

Available in the Deluxe Edition version of Deathloop

  • Transtar Trencher Weapon
  • Eat The Rich Tribunal Weapon
  • .44 Karat Fourpounder Weapon
  • “Party Crasher” Colt Skin
  • “Sharp Shooter” Julianna Skin
  • Two Trinkets (equippable buffs)
  • Original Game Soundtrack Selections
    • This DLC is a separate download on PC and PS4 and requires a USB to launch the application.

So there you have it. How to access the Deathloop DLC and what each version of the game comes with. Happy dying! You can still pick up the game today. Nexus has stock available in SA. 

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