Kingdom Hearts IV

Kingdom Hearts IV Announced

Square Enix has announced Kingdom Hearts IV. During the special 2oth anniversary event, the company showcased a new trailer and first look at the game. By the look of things, it takes place after the events of Kingdom Hearts III. Sora (it looks like him anyway) is seen asleep on a couch somewhere in an apartment in a city that looks like a modern-day world. A girl tells him that he has been asleep for seven days since he “arrived in this world” called Quadratum. The girl says the world is full of life but also is described as an Afterworld.

The trailer then continues to showcase a Darkside heartless form in the middle of the city and cause some destruction at the same time. People run away but Sora embraces the heartless and summons a keyblade to fight it. He spins around a street light before blocking its attack and deflecting it back at the enemy.

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There are also a lot of cryptic messages in the trailer, as most of these trailers go. At the end we see members of Organization XIII appear at the top of a building. A voice says that if you leave this world, don’t expect to return to it. We also see a glimpse of Donald and Goofy which of course, confirms the characters will also return in Kingdom Hearts IV.

The two characters are seen exploring a dark area looking for someone. Goofy says “I am sure he can help”. A blue flame appears which looks very familiar. I am sure this is none other than Hades. The flame is then seen getting larger and turns orange, another iconic move from Hades. The trailer then ends with the words “Magic in the Making”.

We know very little about Kingdom Hearts IV other than what we have seen in this trailer. We don’t know when it is coming or what platforms the game is being developed for. It is still very exciting news. Watch the trailer below. The Kingdom Hearts IV part starts at 4:08.

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