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Kyty is The First PS5 Emulator For PC That Can Play Games

Developer InoriRus has released the first working PS5 emulator for PC called Kyty. While the emulator is still a very early build, Kyty is able to emulate most commercial PS4 games on the market through its backwards compatibility feature.

Keep in mind that most emulators take years to build. Even the current and best PS3 emulator, RPCS3 still has some major bugs and issues even though it has been around for over a decade now. While you can play PS4 games on Kyty, the performance of these emulated games isn’t the best and the overall quality of the experience is still a far cry from being user-friendly.

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With that being said, every emulator has to start somewhere and developer InoriRus is confident that Kyty will grow into something worthwhile as more work is poured into the project.

Kyty also marks the third emulator on the market that aims to be emulation software for the PS5. However, just like Spine and GPCS4, all three emulators currently can’t run PS5 games and are all in very early stages of development.

So don’t get your hopes up just yet for Kyty. Even the performance across the playable games makes this emulator somewhat unusable. However, the big focus here is the potential the software holds for future content. The more programmers get involved to iron out the issues, the better the experience will be going forward. You never know, perhaps in three or four years’ time, we’ll have a fully playable PS5 emulator with DualSense support too.

You can check the emulator in action down below. The video goes through the installation guide for Kyty and shows off some games running on the software. Temper your expectations though, they aren’t very smooth.

Source: YouTube

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