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Meta Opens Up Horizon OS to PC Makers to Build VR Headsets

Meta has now opened up its Horizon OS to other hardware makers giving them the opportunity to use the platform in future VR headsets. Essentially, this allows PC makers such as Lenovo, ASUS, Acer and MSI the ability to make a VR headset with components they choose and simply use the Meta Horizon OS to power the software side of things.

Think of this sort of like Microsoft and Windows. PC makers take their ideas and form a product. They install components and use Windows to power everything inside of it. Meta is hoping to become the Microsoft of TV at this point.

The company says ASUS and Lenovo have already kicked off development on specific VR headsets. These will be powered by the Meta Horizon operating system. Meta is also working with Microsoft on an Xbox-themed device.

Along with opening up the license, the company is also pushing for more ways for tech brands to discover alternative app stores. As a result, Meta is releasing an experimental App Lab store and has invited Google to bring the Play Store to its operating system. Meta is hoping these additional stores create a plethora of content opportunities for developers and users.

But Meta isn’t only doing this to own the VR landscape, the company also wants to expand its Horizon social features. All headsets that use Horizon OS will have to comply with these social features and include the Horizon social layer on the hardware.

As a result, the Horizon social platform will grow even more and Meta is hoping to monetize this with ads and commerce somewhere down the line. If you don’t know, Meta Horizon Social is a 3D app where users can create an avatar and explore various activities with other players. You can also work from within the app alongside colleagues. It acts as the in-person VR Facebook experience.

Meta is excited for the future of the Horizon OS. The company head Mark Zuckerberg says that PC brands will work on unique hardware tailored to their demographics. He says:

“You can imagine a lightweight headset that pairs with your computer on your desk to provide the best work experience at home or anywhere you go. Or imagine one that’s fully focused on watching immersive entertainment like movies and videos with the highest resolution OLED screens out there.”

This announcement also pushes Apple aside as the company has decided to still to its Vision OS in the very expensive Apple Vision Pro device. Meta, on the other hand, has seen the Horizon OS as an opportunity to become the “Android of VR” where brands can easily utilize the operating system in their tech.


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