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Minecraft Movie Starring Jason Momoa Gets Release Date

Warner Bros Discovery has set a release date for its live-action Minecraft movie starring Aquaman actor Jason Momoa. The studio recently announced a number of new release dates for its upcoming movies and it looks like Minecraft was included in the schedule this time. Fans can flock to cinemas on 4 April 2025.

The upcoming Minecraft movie will reportedly be directed by Jared Hess, best known for directing the offbeat comedy movies Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre. Few details are known about the movie other than it being a live-action adaptation of the popular sandbox game by Mojang and Microsoft.

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Deadline also reported on other Warner Bros movies getting new release dates. Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom will now release on 20 December, five days before its originally announced release date. The new Ghostbusters movie is also slated to release on the same day as the Aquaman sequel. The Color Purple will replace Aquaman‘s previous Christmas day release date instead.

The Wizard of Oz spin-off, Toto, will not release on 2 February 2024 anymore and is now listed as unscheduled. Warner Bros also pulled a mysterious, unannounced DC project that was initially pinned to release on 22 September 2023. Fans speculate that this might’ve been the date for the one of the studio’s numerous cancelled movies such as Batgirl or Supergirl.

Video game movies are seeing a bit of a surge in Hollywood lately. In fact, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is currently screening in several cinemas around the world. Minecraft seems like a strange game to adapt into a live-action movie considering that it doesn’t have any central story (excluding its spin-offs and the Ender Dragon quest). Hopefully with the star power of Momoa and Hess’s creative touch, we’ll get another solid video game movie adaptation.

Source: Deadline

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