New PS5 Console Revision CFI-1100B is Lighter and Uses a New Screw
"Where did the 300 grams go?"
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Sony is launching a new PS5 Digital Edition in Japan (and possibly other regions in the distant future too) that includes a range of new tweaks. Don’t get your hopes up just yet as this is not an entirely new PS5 console. Instead, Sony has only tweaked a few aspects of the hardware mainly the stand screw and some internals.

First off, the new PS5 Digital Edition, which is called model CFI-1100B, makes use of a new screw in the console’s stand. The new stand screw can now be turned with your thumb rather than making use of a screwdriver all the time to tighten and loosen it. This is thanks to the new ribbed outer shell on the tip of the screw that helps with gripping it with your fingers to tighten the bolt.


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Another thing to note about the new PS5 Digital Edition CFI-1100B is the overall weight of the device. Sony has listed the device to weigh 300 grams less than the launch console. 300 grams is quite a lot so it is unclear where this weight has gone.

PS5 DIgital Edition CFI-1100B

The new screw according to the manual

According to the official product manual on the new PS5 Digital Edition CFI-1100B, the new model weighs 3.6Kgs compared to the other CFI-1000B model that weighs 3.9Kgs. We don’t know why it is lighter and what Sony has tweaked inside of the console to cut down its weight. However, as soon as consumers get their hands on the device, they will most likely take it apart to see where the 300-gram cut has been made.

Sony usually reworks the power supply on its consoles to reduce the weight of the unit. it is the heaviest part of the console after all so it makes sense for the company to try and bring it down. Once we know where the weight has gone, we will share more news. You can compare the two manuals by visiting the old console revision online manual here and the new one here. The manuals have also been tweaked quite a bit.






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