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New Wild Hearts Gameplay Shows Off Golden Tempest Beast

The latest five-minute gameplay video for Wild Hearts, the upcoming Monster Hunter-style game from developer Omega Force, shows off a fierce battle against a beast called the Golden Tempest. The game is currently on track to release this February and several new gameplay videos have been released to give us a better idea of what to expect from the thrilling hunting-action game.

Taking a few notes out of Capcom’s Monster Hunter books, Wild Hearts allows players (either solo or co-op with up to 3 players) to hunt a variety of dangerous beasts called Kemono and use their acquired resources to craft stronger gear. Many creatures can harness elemental abilities and in the case of the Golden Tempest beast, it has the ability to control and create powerful gusts of wind.

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Despite the obvious comparisons to Monster Hunter, Wild Hearts is introducing a few of its own unique gameplay elements. Players can craft sophisticated mechanisms called Karakuri, which are said to be from a lost, ancient technology.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson talked about his high hopes for Wild Hearts, stating:

“The monster hunter genre is a relatively new genre. It exploded. It is ripe for innovation and creativity and expansion, and what we see the team doing is all of the things the community is asking for in the genre. And the response so far has been really, really strong. And so, I don’t want to get out over my skis on this one, but I would tell you, I saw it and I think it’s incredible, the community saw it and they think it’s incredible.”

Wild Hearts is set to release on 17 February 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC via Origin, Steam and Epic Games Store. It will be published through the EA Originals label. Check out the latest Golden Tempest gameplay below.

Source: Wild Hearts YouTube

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