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DualSense Edge Smaller Battery Confirmed Through Teardown

Sony has already confirmed that its new pro controller, the DualSense Edge does indeed have a smaller battery than its DualSense Controller. Last month when previews of the device went up online, the company confirmed the reports in order to set the expectations in place for the launch this month. Sony said that the DualSense Edge contains a “moderately shorter” battery life. However, a new teardown has shown just how much smaller this battery is in comparison to the DualSense Controller.

A teardown of the DualSense Edge was performed by Budd’s Controllers where the Twitter account posted the inside of the device for everyone to see. Unfortunately, the DualSense Edge packs a 1050mAh battery in comparison to the DualSense Cotroller’s 1560mAh. The DualSense Edge has a slightly better battery than the DualShock 4 which packed a 1,000mAh cell.

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Not only is the capacity of the battery substantially shorter, but the size of the battery cell in the controller is also much smaller too. By the look of things, Sony literally had no room at all to fit the original DualSense’s 1560mAh battery into the DualSense Edge. The inside of the controller looks extremely cramped due to all the extra tech inside the device.

Keep in mind that a smaller battery doesn’t mean the DualSense Edge has horrible battery life. In fact, Sony says the controller is more battery efficient and uses less power. Of course, it doesn’t last as long as the DualSense Controller.

We don’t know if Sony will improve the battery of the DualSense Edge sometime later down the line. Perhaps in a few years’ time, the company might revise the hardware and release a new version with a larger battery cell. I just can’t see how it will fit into the current design due to the sheer amount of tech packed into it. Sony will have to find a way to squeeze a bigger battery into the same-sized capacitor in order to achieve this.

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