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Nintendo Switch Update Enhances Stability

The recent update for the Nintendo Switch, update version 14.1.1, has made some changes to enhance the stability of the console and it reportedly added more words to the ban list.

The Switch update version 14.1.1 did not reveal this in the official patch notes but data miner OatmealDome stated in a tweet the new update version does in fact add more words to the ban list.

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As OatmealDome mentions some of the added words include “sendnudes” in all languages as well as phrases involving death in katana. The update brings some platform stability to it as well which will “enhance the user’s experience”.

Nintendo recently added folders in their last update version 14.0 which Nintendo has dubbed “groups” which allows players to group their software in various groups for easier access and optimised organisation.

The Nintendo Switch became the fastest-selling console to reach 100 million units sold thanks in part to its flexibility as a powerful handheld console as well as a fantastic family console for couch playing. With the recent pandemic seeing more people and families spending time at home, the Nintendo Switch became a must-have in the house.

Nintendo Online subscriptions also recently surpassed Game Pass subscriptions along with PlayStation Plus memberships with Nintendos offering stacking up an impressive 32 million subs to date. This surpassed the 25 million of Game Pass but fell shy of the 49 million PS Plus subscriptions.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 got an early release date which was announced yesterday moving up from September to July 29th, nearly two full months earlier!

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