The upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield have come under fire in the past few weeks by the hardcore fanbase due to concern over how little innovation has been done to deliver a new Pokemon experience. The community has been outraged over the lack of Pokemon in the game with under 400 of the 800-or-so of them appearing in the upcoming Nintendo Switch release.

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Recent leaks have been the main reason for this spark of outrage to the point where Game Freak decided to cancel its upcoming Sword and Shield launch event. All the negativity has now spawned a new #ThankYouGameFreak campaign where the opposite end of the fanbase has begun praising the company for the magical work they have done on the Pokemon series to date which will hopefully fight away the negative reception of the game so far.

Users began to post on social media using the #ThankYouGameFreak hashtag sharing their past experiences of the series with friends and family including how the world of Pokemon has helped bring them closer together, portray black/brown people and even helped with employment.

The campaign has been quite positive with some personal experiences being shared from users around the world.

Users even shared some Pokemon-themed wedding photos on social media to show how the series brought couples together.

You can take a look at all the positivity from the #ThankYouGameFreak social media campaign here.

Regardless of how positive the movement has been, the question still remains on the success of Pokemon Sword and Shield. We know the game is not doing too well and the leaks reveal what users are describing as a “half-hearted cash grab”. We will share more with you closer to the release date which is this Friday, 15 November 2019 as the game releases only on Nintendo Switch.

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