PS5 Has a Pretty Cool Trophy Unlock Animation and Feature
"You can now watch the moment you earn your trophy in an edited video."

We all love unlocking trophies and Sony has made it a much better experience on the PlayStation 5. For those who own a PS4, you would know that up to now, when you unlock and earn a trophy, it just ‘bings” and takes a screenshot at the same time so you can go back and remember that moment you earned your elusive reward. However, the PS5 trophy unlock is very different. We already know Sony is packing rewards behind certain trophies including avatars and profile banners but now we also know the process of unlocking a trophy has received some tender loving care.


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In a new video published by Kinda Funny on YouTube, Greg reveals the full PS5 trophy unlock process. According to the video, which you can watch down below, when players earn a trophy the PlayStation 5 will automatically record and save a few seconds of gameplay before and after they obtain it.

However, the real magic comes from watching this video clip. The console edits this video and adds a slick animation to it. When viewing back the clip, a black banner pops up at the bottom of the video and the trophy type appears. In addition, it gives you a little detail to what trophy you were unlocking and how far you were. The clip then ends once you have earned the trophy.

This has no doubt been created to encourage users to share their trophy unlock experiences. The clip is about 10 seconds long which is great for sharing on social media. Not to mention the automatic banner gives not only players but viewers some idea into what you were unlocking. It may be a small feature but when you finally earn those tough trophies and not to mention that PS5 platinum trophy, watching these clips are going to be so rewarding.

Check out the full animation down below. Keep in mind that this clip is the recorded one and not something you see while you actually play the game.


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