Recent Red Dead Redemption 3 Leak is Super Sketchy

"Take with a mountain of salt"

Red Dead Redemption 2 remaster 3 Leak
Recent Red Dead Redemption 3 Leak is Super Sketchy

A big new leak is making the rounds online claiming that Red Dead Redemption 3 has leaked early. The leak originates from a small retailer who uploaded a clearly edited image of Red Dead Redemption 3 artwork, citing 2026 as its release date. One look at it will tell you this is not exactly trustworthy.

According to a small retailer known as Instant Gaming, Red Dead Redemption 3 is apparently coming in 2026 and seems to be reusing artwork from the last game. This leak managed to cause enough of a stir at various sites that reported on it, but there’s a lot of problems with the nature of this leak.

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The box art (be it a placeholder or not) is simply an edited image of previously existing artwork from Red Dead Redemption 2, just with the number 3 slapped on top of it. The leak also claims that 2026 is when we’ll finally see the game release.

It would be impossible for a small retailer to know the exact release window of a game like Red Dead Redemption 3, considering it’s so far off from release. We doubt even developer Rockstar Games knows this internally, if it is in development at all. Unless a more trustworthy source claimed 2026 to be a targeted window, treat this leak as false.

Rockstar Games have officially announced that they’re hard at work on Grand Theft Auto 6, though that might be a few years off from release. It’s possible that they could’ve put Red Dead Redemption 3 in development simultaneously, but the chances of that happening are unlikely as the studio historically focuses on one major project at a time ever since the last generation.

The first Red Dead Redemption is reportedly getting a remaster sometime this year, which seems far more believable.

Source: Instant Gaming

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