Rollerdome PlayStation Plus Discount and Trial Announced

"Out on 16 August 2022"

Rollerdome PlayStation Plus Discount and Trial Announced

Rollerdome is set to launch on 16 August and if you’re a PlayStation Plus Extra, Essential or Deluxe member you’ll be able to take advantage of a hefty discount on the game. The game will launch at $29,99 (South African pricing to be confirmed) but if you’re a PlayStation Plus member you can pick it up for $19,79.

Private Division has also announced that PlayStation Plus Deluxe members will also get a free trial of Rollerdome at launch. This means you’ll be able to play the game for up to five hours and test it out before deciding whether or not you want to spend money on it. Keep in mind that after the trial, all your progress will carry over to the full game and you can still benefit from the discount.

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We’ll share the local pricing for Rollerdome as soon as it gets announced. However, you can keep an eye on the official PlayStation page here for any updates.

Rollerdome is also launching on PC on the same day. However, pricing has also yet to be announced for the Steam port of the game. You can keep up to date on the Steam release here.

Rollderdome was announced last month during the PlayStation State of Play stream. The game is a fast-paced and brutal rollerskate arena brawler. Players will ride rollerskates around an arena while wielding weapons like bats and shotguns. They’ll go face-to-face against robots, machines and other deadly humans. While they are skating about the arena, they’ll have to defend themselves by brutally destroying anything that gets in the way even if it means blowing someone’s head off with a shotgun.

Rollerdome is definitely something we have never seen before so make sure you take advantage of the game trial next month. Catch up on the latest developer diary below.

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