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Silent Hill 2 Remake Gets First Gameplay But No Release Date

The upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake from The Medium developer Bloober Team appeared at last night’s PlayStation State of Play event, giving fans the first glimpse at some in-engine gameplay. As many already pointed out, the shift to an over-the-shoulder perspective is definitely reminiscent of Resident Evil. Unfortunately, no release date was provided during the trailer as it’s simply “in development for PS5” at this stage.

The first gameplay for the Silent Hill 2 remake shows off some familiar sections from the original game, completely rebuilt from the ground up with modernised visuals and mechanics. Protagonist James Sunderland wanders around dark hallways in an apartment complex, stalked by the terrors of the eerie town.

While the original PS2 classic from Team Silent put a lot of emphasis on building atmosphere and tension through the environments and a feeling of helplessness, the remake is seemingly taking a more action-focused route. The gameplay showcases James using a variety of weapons including handguns, shotguns and melee weapons to attack enemies. It’s not what some might’ve expected from the remake, leading to a divisive reception.

As of writing, the PlayStation video currently has 18K likes to 13K dislikes. “Those combat animations looked really rough, like nothing has any impact. Hopefully that’s polished up in the final release,” reads one comment. Another reads, “To the people disappointed about no release date, do you see how this looks? It’s better not to have it yet because this must be improved big time.” Fans seem to be divided on the combat-heavy approach in the gameplay as well as its unpolished state.

Many fans expected Konami and Bloober Team to announce a release date for the game considering it’s been in development for several years now with multiple leaks and rumours that have gone nowhere. Hopefully with that added time in development, it will be all be improved and polished before launch.

Silent Hill 2 is currently in development for PS5 and PC. Check out the new gameplay trailer below:

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