Silent Hill 2 Remake

Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Date Leak Pins March 2024

Another month means another potential release date leak for the Silent Hill 2 remake from Bloober Team. Back in June, a report claimed that the remake would launch on 29 September this year but since that date has come and gone, we can chalk that leak up as false. However, the new release date leak looks a bit more promising as it claims that the game will now launch in March 2024.

The leaked release date originates from PCGameBenchmark of all places which lists a 21 March 2024 date on the game’s page (it has since been removed but reported on by Insider Gaming). Usually this would be brushed off as a placeholder date but recently, pre-orders for the game went live on Amazon and various online stores, suggesting that a release date announcement could be around the corner. March next year makes sense if Konami plans to unveil the release date at The Game Awards or on its own in the coming weeks.

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The Silent Hill 2 remake is being developed by The Medium studio Bloober Team. According to the developer, it’s feeling “high pressure” to deliver on the remake which is based on the 2001 video game, widely considered to be one of the greatest horror games of all time.

The official description for Silent Hill 2 provided by Steam reads:

“Having received a letter from his deceased wife, James heads to where they shared so many memories, in the hope of seeing her one more time: Silent Hill. There, by the lake, he finds a woman eerily similar to her… ‘My name…is Maria,’ the woman smiles. Her face, her voice… She’s just like her. Experience a master-class in psychological survival horror―lauded as the best in the series―on the latest hardware with chilling visuals and visceral sounds.”

Silent Hill 2 is currently in development for PS5 and PC.

Source: Insider Gaming

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