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Silent Hill Reboot “Project 0” is a PS5 Exclusive Coming in 2022 – Report

For the past few months, we have heard reports that Sony is rebooting the Silent Hill series for PS5. According to sources, the company bought the majority of the franchise from Konami with an intention to reboot it for its next-gen console. According to a report, Masahiro Ito, who worked on the original game is an external consultant for the PS5 reboot. The game is under a codename “Project 0” and new information surfaced about its development over on ResetEra.


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According to the report, the game has been in development for around two years. Sony’s Japan Studio is at the helm working alongside Masahiro Ito, and Toyama as creative director. The Silent Hill reboot “Project 0” is a PS5 exclusive developed by a PlayStation Studios team. However, the agreement with Konami sees the company get 8% of the revenue from the game.

The report also claims the Silent Hill “Project 0” PS5 reboot is set to launch at the end of 2021 or early 2022. However, this reboot is not the same game from 2014 starring Norman Reedus. Instead, Konami and Sony are working on something entirely new using veterans from the original game. Multiple sources confirm the reboot is not related to “Silent Hills” and that project is dead.

  • Konami has working on a Silent Hill game reboot (like God of War) for around 2-year
  • Project “Silent Hills” deceased this year after a briefing with Konami, a legal representant of Kojima and Sony
  • Japan Studio (with PlaystationStudios support) cares the development of “project 0” to become a survival horror video game (after a partnership signed with Konami, this should right be the Silent Hill reboot)
  • Roles: Toyama as creative director, Masahiro Ito and Akira Yamaoka as external artist consultants from 2019
  • Sony will publish and release it as PS5 exclusive, Konami would obtain 8% of revenue
  • Development status is expected to be good, so release by 2021 or early 2022
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