Sony Bravia 9 2024 TV Lineup

Sony Announces New TV Lineup For 2024 Including The Bravia 9

Sony has unveiled its 2024 Bravia TV lineup as the company slowly shifts away from OLED and adopts Mini-LED tech in the majority of its range. The company says its Master Drive system is the tech behind the Mini-LED magic as it acts as the brain for deciding how to utilize all those little lights behind the panel. Sony has also built new chips specifically for its TV range which calculate all the dimming algorithms.

The top-of-the-range Bravia TV is now called the Bravia 9. Sony says it packs 325% more dimming zones than the 2023 X95L model. As a result, Sony says the Bravia 9 can get 50% brighter at peak luminance and uses 20% less energy to do so.

The Bravia 9 will retail from $3,299 for the 65-inch, $3,999 for the 75-inch and $5,499 for the 85-inch. Each model packs all the best Bravia features available at the company. This includes the new X-Wide Angle viewing angles and X-Anti Reflection coating. There’s also a robust sound system in the Bravia 9 which Sony says includes two up-firing beam tweeters.

As for the rest of the range, the Bravia 8 is Sony’s 2024 OLED TV. It is 31% thinner than the previous A80L model and features a 29% thinner bezel too. It comes with 4K 120Hz support for gaming and perfectly syncs with your PS5. The TV also boasts Multi-view support where users can launch various apps like YouTube while they are watching or playing a game. So you can watch YouTube while gaming.

Sony Bravia 9 2024

The Bravia 7 is another Mini-LED TV which aims to replace the X95L. It is a Mini-LED QLED TV that comes with a refreshing design. It packs a 4-way stand layout, for example. Users can position the TV higher in one layout with legs apart and lower with legs together. It is versatile for all soundbars. It also includes 4K 120Hz support, Auto HDR and Game Menu.

The Bravia 3 is the entry-level TV in 2024 from Sony. It is a standard 60Hz LED TV that doesn’t come with many standout features. It does, however, still include the Sony signature image processing and pack Google TV.

Sony isn’t getting rid of the popular X90L Mini LED TV from last year. Instead, it will live alongside the Bravia 9, 8, 7 and 3. The company isn’t tweaking this TV in any way. It will still include the same dimming zones and tech. If anything, the X90L was likely the best value-rated TV from Sony last year so it makes sense to keep it around. Those looking for a bit “better” can obviously look at the X95L.

At the moment I have no idea if these Sony TVs will launch in South Africa. Sony didn’t launch its “L” lineup in the country at all last year. We also got limited “K” models in 2022. If you ask me, it seems like Sony has kind of left SA again after making a comeback in 2020.

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