Sony to Produce 1.5 Million PS VR2 Devices for Holiday 2022 Launch

"Sony might delay the launch"

PlayStation VR2 PSVR 2
Sony to Produce 1.5 Million PS VR2 Devices for Holiday 2022 Launch

The next big piece of tech on the horizon is definitely Sony’s next-gen VR headset. PlayStation VR2 is currently in development at the company and while it is expected to showcase the hardware and its games this week, Sony is actually getting ready to ramp up production for PS VR2 soon. According to reliable tech source Ming-Chi Kuo, the company is expected to produce about 1.5 million units by the end of 2022.

Ming-Chi Kuo says that Sony is currently banking on its large launch lineup for the PlayStation VR2 headset. He says that if Sony can’t get the launch lineup ready in time for its holiday 2022 release date, the company is expected to delay the release until early 2023. With that being said, Ming-Chi Kuo claims that all the parts and components for PS VR2 are ready for assembly.

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Ming-Chi Kuo says that Sony’s current position and resources in the gaming industry will accelerate the development of AAA VR games for the system. The hardware is also quite advanced and will offer a unique VR experience in comparison to other platforms on the market.

He says that what makes PS VR2 so special is the use of optical modules in the system. PlayStation VR2 uses six optical modules and four 720p IR cameras for eye-tracking. Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed that Genius is supplying Sony with the lenses for the PS VR2 hardware.

PS VR2 is also making use of a MediaTek processor, SDC OLED panel and Goertek assembly. Ming-Chi Kuo says that Sony’s relationship with Genius for the PS VR2 will help accelerate growth for lenses in the industry.

Sony is expected to host the State of Play this week with a special focus on PS VR2 games. However, we highly suggest you don’t get your hopes up for a release date for PlayStation VR2 just yet. Sony is reportedly expected to announce its release date and rollout plans in September should everything go to plan.

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