Stellar Blade New Game Plus Mode Will Be Available at Launch

A New Game Plus mode for Stellar Blade will be available at launch, developer Shift Up has confirmed. The review embargo for the anticipated new IP dropped yesterday to mostly positive reviews and it looks like the game is set to sell pretty well at launch tomorrow given the amount of increased pre-orders this week. Fortunately, once players beat the game, they’ll be able to jump into a second playthrough with all of their gear and upgrades intact.

New Game Plus mode for Stellar Blade was not ready for early reviewers though developer Shift Up released a day one patch yesterday that finally added the mode to the game, allowing you to carry over all your equipment, currency, items and records, character enhancements, drone upgrades, acquired skills and owned SP that you acquired in your initial playthrough. This means players jumping into the game tomorrow will have access to New Game Plus once they install the accompanying day one patch.

Content creator FightinCowboy noticed this much, posting the update to Twitter/X:

In our full review for Stellar Blade, we called the game the most refreshing PlayStation exclusive in years, stating:

“Beyond its minor flaws, mostly about the skill system, Stellar Blade is a phenomenal game. It is quirky and off-beat. Something we haven’t seen from a PS5 exclusive in a long time. This game sort of reminds me of the other great PlayStation exclusives which have all been forgotten in favour of Sony’s more popular IPs. Heavenly Sword, Folklore, Puppeteer. While it isn’t the master of anything, I hope Stellar Blade sticks around because there’s a lot of potential here.”

Stellar Blade is now available exclusively for PS5.

Source: FightinCowboy

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