Street Fighter 6 Akuma DLC Character May

Street Fighter 6 Adds Akuma as Fourth DLC Fighter This May

Street Fighter 6 is adding its fourth DLC fighter, Akuma, in an update this May. Alongside the new character, Capcom is also adding some fresh outfits for DLC characters, a new stage and “major battle balance updates” next month.

Akuma will be unlocked on 22 May for those that own the Year 1 Character Pass for Street Fighter 6. The fighter will be featured in all three main modes: World Tour, Fighting Ground and Battle Hub. Akuma is sporting a menacing new design and his character model looks fantastic thanks to the RE Engine.

In addition to Akuma, previous Year 1 DLC characters Rashid, A.K.I. and Ed will all receive new outfits. Capcom is also adding a new stage called Emma’s Hollow “where Akuma resides to continue his hellbent training” and bringing some “major battle balance updates” to the award-winning fighting game.

Street Fighter 6 was a commercial success when it launched last June, selling one million copies in its first week. According to Capcom, the game has now sold over 3 million copies. Street Fighter 6 also went up against Mortal Kombat 1 in the Best Fighting Game category last year at The Game Awards, winning the big award and securing its title as one of the best fighters in recent memory.

The official description for Street Fighter 6 reads:

“Play legendary masters and new fan favorites like Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, Jamie, Kimberly and more in this latest edition with each character featuring striking new redesigns and exhilarating cinematic specials. Street Fighter 6 offers a highly evolved combat system with three control types – Classic, Modern and Dynamic – allowing you to quickly play to your skill level. The new Real Time Commentary Feature adds all the hype of a competitive match as well as easy-to-understand explanations about your gameplay. The Drive Gauge is a new system to manage your resources. Use it wisely in order to claim victory.”

Watch the Akuma gameplay trailer below:

Source: Capcom

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