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Suicide Squad Will Let You Earn Gear For Friends When They Are Offline

The upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will let you earn gear and rewards for your friends when they are offline and unable to play the game. According to YouTuber Laajune, Rocksteady detailed this new feature during a recent media hands-on session and explained that players can replace their bot party members with their friends’ characters and carry on earning rewards for them while they grind the game.

While details about this feature aren’t exactly crystal clear yet, by the sound of things, players will be able to make use of their friends’ loadouts in their game and whatever they earn during the session, will go back with them. That way, when that said friend logs back in, they will have gear and rewards waiting for them as if they played the game while offline.

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Laajune says that players can be offline for the day and their friends can make use of their characters the entire night. The next day, whatever they earned will be available in their inventory.

While this sounds interesting on paper, it does raise some questions as to how loot sharing works. If the online friend earns gear, how do they assign it to the offline player and what mechanic decides which gear goes back and what stays? Is this gear limited to a set number of drops? Will the player also level up your characters while they make use of them in their game? Also, is the gear limited to a specific rarity? I highly doubt players could grind the best gear for their friends.

By the sound of things, this system might work similarly to Dragon’s Dogma’s pawn mechanic. In the game, players can summon their friends’ pawns to help them in their story. These pawns level up and you can send them back with gifts. However, these gifts are limited and the majority of the gear they collect remains with the main player.

If this system works the same way, then Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has a cool feature to look forward to. The game is expected to launch on 2 February for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. According to Rocksteady, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League isn’t being looked at as a live service game. However, four seasons of content are planned for it.

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