The Sims Sparkd 4 EA Games TV Show

The Sims Spark’d Reality TV Show Already Looks Annoying

The Sims 4 is getting its own reality TV show set to arrive on TBS soon. The idea of the competition is to task real people to create Sims 4 scenarios with characters and stories and the best creation wins. The Sims Spark’d is the name of the game and follows a traditional reality TV show format. Each episode, contestants are given a particular goal and a panel of three “experts” judge their creations. There’s a massive $100,000 prize pool on the line too.

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The four-episode show will debut in the US on Saturday, 17 July 2020 and will be uploaded to BuzzFeed’s youtube channel “Multiplayer” the following Monday. EA Games, the creator of the video game series says each episode will feature “familiar online personalities” as celebrity judges. This includes singer Tayla Parx, YouTube personality Kelsey Impicciche and game developer Dave Miotke. Former American Idol contestant Rayvon Owen will host the show.

If you have watched any cookie-cutter reality TV show competition in the past few decades, then The Sims Spark’d will look familiar. The challenge here will be how the contestants manage to make the game show look and feel unique. I, for one, would love just a Sims 4 house designer TV show. Nevermind trying to make these digital characters tell cliche and predictably emotional stories.

It may be too early to judge the show, but so far it looks terribly cheesy. If you roll your eyes as much as I do at Americanized reality TV shows then this may be one you want to skip.

For those who enjoy playing the game, The Sims Spark’d reality TV show will bring about some cool in-game challenges to The Sims 4 which are tied directly to the TV show. According to EA, these challenges will allow players to experience a similar approach to those given in the show. They will also be used to find new contestants for the second season of The Sim Spark’d. It seems this is never going to go away. When is the world ending again?

Check out the trailer down below;

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