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Ubisoft Shuts Down Claims XDefiant Was Delayed to Copy Call of Duty

XDefiant is still one of gaming’s biggest mysteries. The shooter, which was announced back in 2021 was scheduled to launch by the end of 2023 after undergoing major internal changes. Fans who have managed to play the beta enjoyed the team-based shooter for what it is but according to a report, XDefiant has been undergoing some unnecessary changes in an attempt to turn the game into a Call of Duty clone.

If you aren’t aware of the situation, XDefiant always seems to be “almost ready”. Ubisoft will tease a release but something always ends up happening to the game build which pushes it back. In 2023, Ubisoft confirmed that XDefiant was delayed due to the game failing console certification. This was supposedly due to the build lacking basic console features such as in-game chat and messaging.

However, a new report now claims that these broken gameplay features are happening because Ubisoft keeps trying to change the gameplay to fit Call of Duty. The report says Ubisoft has been on a “neverending hunt to chase COD and add pointless stuff”. As a result, the game build keeps breaking.

XDefiant director Mark Rubin has shut down these rumours. He claims that XDefiant is still the same game that you have played already and the team is trying to make it as fun as possible. When touching on the game’s Call of Duty comparison, Rubin says the team has been trying to capture the same feeling from older CODs but at the same time, they don’t want to make XDefiant the same as newer CODs.

Still, months are going by and XDefiant is nowhere to be seen. Rubin claims the team are hard at work fixing technical issues with the build. Of which, Rubin says has been a point of contention for months now. He blames the technical issues as a big reason why the game has been delayed. He promises we’ll hear more “soon” but we have heard this for almost a year now.

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