Riot Games Valorant Closed Beta

Valorant South African Servers Incoming

South Africa is getting its own Valorant servers! The news dropped on gamers last night after Anna Donlon, developer team lead on Valorant tweeted the news.

While details are still scarce on the rollout for these servers, this is great news for gamers who play the shooter. It also means Valorant might have the potential to take up an even bigger space in the South African competitive gaming scene.

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Soon after Donlon announced the news, the official Valorant Twitter account followed up by confirming Carry1st as the partner for the local servers. Carry1st was also part of the launch of COD Mobile back in 2022.

There’s no ETA at the moment for the rollout of the South African Valorant servers. However, the news is exciting nonetheless. We have reached out to Riot for updates on the launch and will share news as soon as we hear more.

VALORANT is a character-based 5v5 tactical shooter set on the global stage. Outwit, outplay, and outshine your competition with tactical abilities, precise gunplay, and adaptive teamwork. Blend your style and experience on a global, competitive stage. Attack and defend your side using sharp gunplay and tactical abilities. And, with one life per-round, you’ll have to think faster than your opponent if you want to survive. More than guns and bullets, you’ll choose an Agent armed with adaptive, swift, and lethal abilities that create opportunities to let your gunplay shine. Each map is purpose-built for team strategies, spectacular plays, and clutch moments. Make the plays others will imitate for years to come.

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