White All-Digital Xbox Series X Console Images Leaked
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White All-Digital Xbox Series X Console Images Leaked

Images of a white all-digital Xbox Series X console have leaked online. The console will reportedly feature no major enhancements beyond improved heatsink and might be priced under $499, which is the current cost of a standard Xbox Series X.

The images were taken by Exputer who had exclusively been sent a unit, showing the white all-digtial Xbox Series X console without a disc drive. For the most part, it looks identical to the standard black Xbox Series X just with a white coat of paint. As is the case with most leaked images, the quality of the photos are questionable (someone jokingly commented that it was taken on a Game Boy camera) but it does give us a close look at the design.

The lowered price below $499 might be enticing for players who have yet to purchase an Xbox Series X console and just want a digital library. Since Microsoft is prioritising Xbox Game Pass as its big business push in the market, it makes sense that the Series X would eventually get an all-digital option too due to its more powerful hardware over the Xbox Series S.

Leaked documents and images provided by the FTC last year revealed that Microsoft was also working on a redesigned disc-less Xbox Series X that features a cylindrical design. It’s unclear if this iteration of the console is still in the works, though it appears to have a lot more enhancements – 2TB internal storage, less power usage and other tweaks – over the standard hardware. It’s billed as a “refresh” of the Series X.

White All-Digital Xbox Series X Console Images Leaked

The white all-digital Series X doesn’t have a release date yet but it’s reportedly scheduled to release this summer.

Source: Exputer

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