New Xbox Series X

Redesigned Disc-Less Xbox Series X Console and New Controller Leaked

A new Xbox Series X is in the works at Microsoft according to leaked images and documents provided by the FTC. The redesigned disc-less Xbox Series X console is scheduled to launch in 2024 alongside a new revamped Xbox Wireless Controller.

The new console is described as an “all-digital” unit with 2TB of internal storage and a sleeker, silo-like design. The documents claim the console features a new front-facing USB C port with power delivery and the Xbox Wireless Controller is an “all-new, more immersive” unit.

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At the moment, the console is under the codename Brooklin. It is described as a “refresh” of the Xbox Series X instead of an improvement. However, it features a number of tweaks which are actually better than the launch Xbox Series X. For example, the console uses 15% less power and features a new low-power standby mode which uses 20% less energy than the standard Xbox Series X.

New Xbox Series X

The new Xbox Series X also features improved Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.2 and is designed with a new 6nm SoC. Microsoft is also expected to keep the price tag at $499 considering the lack of a disc drive in the console. Keep in mind that the storage bump from 1TB to 2TB will likely be where these extra costs are found.

There’s also another Xbox Series S on the way too. Codenamed Ellewood, the new Xbox Series S refresh will come in white, feature 1TB of SSD storage, the improved Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 and all the energy-saving features found in the Xbox Series X. It will still cost $299. There’s no word yet whether or not Microsoft will improve the Xbox Series S’ controversial performance.

New Xbox Series S

Microsoft is also redesigning the Xbox Wireless Controller. The new controller is currently known under the codename Sebile and is described as the “world’s best controller”. It features Xbox Wireless 2, Direct-to-Cloud, Bluetooth 5.2 and other mobile app integration.

The controller also includes new internal tech. There’s precision haptic feedback and VCA haptics which double as speakers. Microsoft is also integrating motion sensors into the controller with an included accelerometer. It is also set to have quieter buttons and thumbsticks. You’ll also be able to remove the thumbsticks.

New Xbox Wireless Controller

Of course, all of this information has come from the FTC leak which is definitely accurate. As to when Microsoft will announce the products, the document claims the Series S is scheduled for September 2024 with the Xbox Series X in November.

Source: FTC

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