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YouTube Says it Has Launched a Global Effort to Block Ad Blockers

YouTube has officially launched its global effort to block ad blockers on the platform. The process has been rolling out in certain regions over the past few months but the company now says it is aggressively targeting users who block adverts on YouTube.

If you have experienced a YouTube ad blocker block, you would know that there’s no way around it. YouTube serves a pop-up across a video which says that using an ad-blocker violates the platform’s Terms of Service. The prompt then asks you to allow ads or to try YouTube Premium.

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There are some ways to prevent these ad-blocker prompts. Of course, you can use an ad-blocker which hasn’t been flagged and blocked by YouTube. Users have also resorted to using third-party YouTube apps on mobile devices to bypass the ad-blocker. You can, of course, subscribe to YouTube Premium too.

The whole process started off as a so-called “small experiment” but YouTube has now expanded this rollout to every region. The company is also targeting new ad-blocker extensions as it finds new ways to block plugins from disabling ads.

The months ahead will likely include a lot of pushback from ad-blocker makers as they try to bypass YouTube’s efforts to detect these plugins. Users have also voiced their opinions on the state of ads on YouTube saying that in some regions, the platform serves the same repeated ad over and over again often within the same video.

Others are debating whether or not subscribing to YouTube Premium is worth it to bypass all this fuss. However, with the recent price hikes of literally every subscription around, it is just a matter of time before Google makes YouTube Premium even more expensive.

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