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Activision Blizzard Plans to ‘Revitalise’ Overwatch 2

Activision Blizzard is hoping to revitalise Overwatch 2 as part of big upcoming updates that aim to “make PvP gameplay more rewarding and fun” as well as “provide greater transparency for players in-game.” Blizzard says that it had heard feedback from players, possibly regarding the many controversial changes or tweaks to the free-to-play hero shooter and want to win players back with a new “revitalisation” strategy.

Blizzard spoke candidly in a recent blog post going over the ups and downs of Overwatch 2 over the last year. Unlike the first game which held a steady amount of frequent players, the sequel has been slowly losing numbers due to a number of controversies, from egregiously locking skins behind paywalls to its Steam debut not going so well.

Blizzard talked about these revitalisation changes in the blog post:

“We built a better system that’s more accurate while also helping convey the meaning behind the mathematical complexity of a modern matchmaker and bring clear insights about what impacts your rank in every match. One piece of feedback we heard is that just knowing your rank doesn’t say anything about why your rank went up or down. Competitive Updates originally worked to provide updates that reflected your growth as a player across multiple matches, but with the goal to provide greater transparency in each individual match, we’re going back to updating your rank after every match and showing how much progress you gain or lose between each Skill Division.”

The company stated that Competitive Play remains an important pillar for Overwatch 2. “At its core, Overwatch 2 is a competitive game, so it’s important for the core systems and Competitive System to be as intuitive and accessible as possible. In addition to these core system changes, we’re introducing reworks to Pharah and Junkertown, which we’ll go into in a later blog.”

Overwatch 2 – Season 9: Champions is set to launch tomorrow that will begin rolling out these planned changes including a new progression system, a new skill tier above Grand Master and “major gameplay changes to combat, hero survivability, and role passives.”

Overwatch 2 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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