Stellar Blade How to Find Cans Faster Unlock Lingerie Outfit

Stellar Blade – How to Find Cans Faster and Unlock The Lingerie Outfit

Stellar Blade has a lot for players to do but if you’re seeking that 100% completionist run, you’ll eventually need to gather all 49 collectibles in the game that take the form of cans. Most of all, collecting a certain amount of cans grants you permanent boosts and buffs so it’s rather handy to get them when you can (no pun intended). In this guide, we’ll show you how to find cans in the quickest, easiest way – getting all 49 cans unlocks the rare Black Pearl Nano lingerie outfit for Eve.

Before you read on, make sure you read up on the six best skills to unlock first before beginning your adventure in Stellar Blade. As great as new outfits are, you’ll also need to have the best advantages in combat.

How to Find Cans Faster and Unlock The Lingerie Outfit

Cans are scattered throughout the world in Stellar Blade – some are easier to find than others. In this guide, we won’t show you the exact locations of the cans but rather, make sure you know about a specific mechanic that allows you to find cans much faster without having to strenuously search for them in the environments.

The upgrade you’ll need is called the Can Detector for your drone. Once this is unlocked, your drone will make a strange whirring noise every time you’re near a potential location of a can. Note that you won’t be able to unlock the Can Detector upgrade immediately as it requires three other perks on the left hand side of the drone’s skill tree. You’ll also need 4x Drone Upgrade Modules to complete this branch.

Stellar Blade How to Find Cans Faster Unlock Lingerie Outfit

All 49 collectible cans are scattered across several regions. Here’s how many can be found in each:

  • Eidos 7 – 3
  • Xion – 8
  • Wasteland – 15
  • Matrix 11 – 3
  • Great Desert – 16
  • Spire 4 – 4

Using your drone’s Can Detector upgrade, you can now pin-point the locations of cans in the environment much easier. Be warned that some cans are locked off in areas that require a certain key or skill to progress, so make sure you revisit locations in case you missed any. Once you’ve collected all 49 cans, you’ll unlock the Black Pearl Nano lingerie outfit.

Make sure you’ve collected every can once you’ve reached a certain point of no return in the game’s story (it gives you ample warning). Going past this point locks you out of regions and spearheads you towards the ending, meaning you won’t be able to finish collecting every can available.

Stellar Blade is now available on PS5.

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