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Overwatch 2 Faces Backlash for Locking Diablo 4 Skins Behind $40 Paywall

Blizzard Entertainment is facing another wave of backlash, this time related to its pricey Diablo 4 skins for Overwatch 2 which have been locked behind a $40 paywall. The Ultimate Battle Pass bundle for Season 7 of Overwatch 2 contains some pretty unique and awesome skins, themed after the publisher’s dark action-RPG. Moira and Pharah have both received Lilith and Inarius skins, respectively, but the only problem is the cost to actually get these skins.

Lilith and Inarius are key characters in Diablo 4 and their respective skins for Moira and Pharah are quite eye-catching. Since the Overwatch 2 update launched yesterday though, fans have criticised Blizzard for teasing players with the skins then essentially locking them behind a $40 bundle.

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Fans took to the Overwatch subreddit to voice their complaints about the expensive bundle. User YayoProtocal posted a thread (which contains over 18,000 upvotes at the time of writing) calling Blizzard “greedy” and slamming the company for its monetisation:

“Saw the new Moira and Pharah skin in the trailer and was excited for the first time in a long time. Some of the best looking and only skins for them in a long time and it’s of course locked behind a shitty payware bundle. Not even available for premium BP, but the goddamn ultimate that they want money for. I should’ve seen this coming… Way to be greedy and ruin the excitement Blizzard.”

Other players also voiced their frustration over having to spend $40 despite saving up premium currency, while many strongly disliked the idea of locking the skins behind a paywall instead of giving players alternate ways to acquire them in-game or paid for separately.

Blizzard is well-known in the speedrunning community for setting record times at destroying its public image. You can read more about the numerous Diablo 4 controversies right here.

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