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Another Report Confirms Switch 2’s 8-Inch LED Display

Nintendo won’t be carrying over the Switch OLED panel to its new console according to another report. This is not the first time we have heard that the upcoming device will opt for a cheaper LED screen. According to Bloomberg, the upcoming Switch successor will feature an 8-inch LED panel manufactured by Sharp.

In early 2023, reports came out that Sharp was already manufacturing a special 8-inch LED panel for what the company describes as a “video game console developer”. However, the new report claims that these LED panel forecasts have increased from 12 million planned units in 2023 to 26.6 million in 2024. Following the launch of the console, these panel orders will remain at a lower number – likely to maintain stock levels.

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This spike in orders likely means Nintendo is ramping up production on the Switch successor ahead of its 2024 release. The LED screen, on the other hand, means Nintendo’s Switch successor will have an inferior display to the current Switch OLED.

We do know that Nintendo has worked closely with NVIDIA to develop DLSS upscaling techniques in the new Switch console. So from a performance perspective, the hardware will offer a better experience. However, the display won’t pack the same brightness and vibrancy that is found in the OLED Switch.

The cut from OLED to LED is likely to bring down the costs. LED panels are much cheaper to make. We can only hope Nintendo revisits the OLED panel in a hardware refresh somewhere down the line.

The new Nintendo console is rumoured to be announced by July this year with a Q3 release date on the cards. Very little is known about the device’s functionality. Although rumours claim the console will be a “Switch iteration” more than a revamp.

Source: Bloomberg

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