But of Course the PS5 Body Scratches Instantly and You Can’t Avoid it.
"One wipe and it is scratched."
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If you are worried about getting your PS5 scratched then you may as well leave it in the box. Unfortunately, just like the PS4, the new console includes some shiny plastic that scratches no matter what you clean it with. We unboxed our PS5 yesterday and this morning saw a bit of dust on the black area of the console. After cleaning it with a microfibre cloth, we instantly noticed small abrasions on the plastic. While you can’t see this from a distance, it is quite noticeable from up close.


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Of course, we knew this was going to happen. The PS4 faceplate had the same problem and after wiping it with any sort of cloth, the console was left with small marks. It is plastic so it happens.

Unfortunately, unlike the PS4, the PS5 is not wrapped in any sort of plastic. The console is protected in a white wrapper but the faceplates and the body are bare. It would have been nice to have the console sealed with a plastic protector which you could leave on until it naturally starts to wear away. At least it would have protected the device for a longer period of time. We have had our console for less than 24 hours and it already feels damaged. Perhaps we are just a little OCD about our tech?

PS5 Face Scratches

There’s no beating around the bush here. You can’t avoid this from happening. Sure, one could most likely never wipe the console but sooner or later the dust will get to you. If you are truly adamant about protecting the black plastic then maybe applying a plastic protector to it may work? It just sounds like more effort than it is worth.






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